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    Fifa 2008.............


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    : 14/07/2008

    Fifa 2008.............

       BigBoss 16, 2008 6:08 am

    The greatest battle of the new football season is not between any real
    world club but between the virtual giants of FIFA and Pro Evolution
    Soccer. Konami’s game has always been the favourite but last year
    FIFA closed the gap to such a degree that the title race has never been
    closer. This year’s FIFA uses a completely new game engine, for the
    first time built specifically for the next gen consoles. But improved
    graphics and animation are only the half of it, with just as much focus
    going on the artificial intelligence thanks to the new 35 point
    decision engine. What this basically means is that every player on the
    pitch is fully aware of those around him and constantly thinking about
    tactics and position when not under your control.

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